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It’s no advantage to discover an extraordinary value for scrapping your vehicle and then managing into legal issues for not following the government legislation.

It’s necessary you satisfy the rules around dismantling your vehicle before you do so. Legislation varies across Australian states. Therefore it’s also essential to know how to drop your registration in your country.



We’ve put together this useful guide on what you necessary to know previously you demolish a car.


What do I require to know about wrecking my car?


  • You Can’t Operate A Car Consider As ‘Scrap.’


If you are recover and dismantling your vehicle because it is a ‘statutory write-off’, you can no longer manage it on the roads. Organize for the scrap removal provider to removing the car from you at a specific time.


  • Verify You Have Your Vehicle Rego Information


Legally, auto wrecking companies cannot buy unnamed vehicles. This is to help Car Removal. You can only dismantle a car if you have the correct to destroy it. Gather you’re verified to confirm vehicle proprietorship before scrapping your car.


  • Don’t Discard Your Scrap At Home


Demolish auto can sometimes be dangerous or contain harmful substances. When left, these can drip and cause nature destruction and destroy in communities and homes – endangering animals and potentially children. Make sure your old damaged car is wrecked up by a licenced car wrecking company so it can be correctly recycled of and disposed of. This may not be rules but reuse a possible atmosphere threat.


  • Inform The Authorities That You No Longer Own Your Vehicle


Once your vehicle is wrecked and destroy, you are no longer the vehicle holder. The Australian government rules need you to drop your registration.


North-South Wales Scrap Car Laws:


scrap car laws


  • New South Wales (NSW)


In NSW, to decline your car registration, you must go in individual to a service or registry centre and take with you:

  • Your proof of identification.
  • The vehicle’s ‘Document Of Registration’.
  • A filled out, signed ‘number plates and termination of registration’ form.
  • The auto number plates (if you still have them). It is unlawful to keep number plates if you have discarded your car registration. However, you can keep them if you put them in reserve at the service or registry centre.
  • Payment for the value affiliated with cancelling.



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